Metacog examples and tutorials

Check the Metacog documentation for more information.

Instrumented Widgets


Example of a simple widget instrumented with playback and logging support

Perpendicular Bisector

Another example of a simple widget instrumented with playback and logging support

PHET concentration Sim

Example of a complex widget instrumented with playback and logging support

Chernoff Face

A simple widget used for the tutorials about Metacog Instrumentation


An extension to integrate Youtube Iframe API with Metacog


An example on how to integrate PDF.js viewer with Metacog


Logging events

How to instrument an existing widget to log events to Metacog.

Implementing Playback Support

How to extend a basic instrumentation to support recording and playback of training sessions.

Designing Learning Tasks

Considerations about how to use an instrumented widget to implement a Learning Task.

Getting data for visualizations

How to retrieve session data stored in Metacog Platform to create visualizations, using the Client Side Library.

Record, Playback and Score Training Sessions

How to use the training toolbar to record, playback and score training sessions.

Unity 3D

How to integrate C# Metacog Client Library into your your Unity3D Game Engine project.

Data Visualizations

Visualizations 2

Example of Data visualizations using NVD3 and Metacog Datasources

Performance Profiler

Performance Profiler for Scoring Batch Layer

Behavior Frequency

Behavior Frequency for Scoring Batch Layer

Scoring Dashboard

Real Time Scoring Dashboard for instructors

Integration with other products and platforms

Adobe Captivate

Tutorial on how to integrate and send events to Metacog from an HTML-5 exported Adobe Captivate content.


Architecture Overview

A high-level view of all the components that conform the Metacog Platform.

Javascript Client Library

The javascript client-side library used to instrument your widgets with Metacog.

Javascript Reference

Javascript documentation for the Client Library

Unity3D C# Reference

C# documentation for the Unity3D Client Library

Logger Instrumentation Guide

Learn how easy is to make your widget Metacog-compatible

Playback Guide

Adding advanced features to your widget: playback, training and scoring support

REST API reference

Official REST API interactive specification